Know Your Why. Live Your Purpose.
13 Mar

Know Your Why. Live Your Purpose.

Our goal at OPEX Santa Barbara is to ensure that you are working towards yours and that we are providing you the pathway to see it through. 
Do you know your "why"? Do you feel that you have discovered your purpose? Remember, time is finite and a man made concept. A way for us to process how the world functions around us and how we fit in with that. We are the only mammal that understands the short time we get on this planet. So, you will die one day, but get over it! Get living! NOW is the time to find your purpose, your "why"!
We wanted to share D's story with you as we feel that she captures, perfectly, what it means to find your "why" and that health and fitness is a continuous journey, not a destination to be reached. Along with being a client of OPEX  Santa Barbara, D has also put her trust in our exclusive medical partner, Regenerat Health Medical Center and its founder, Dr. ACE.   
This is D in her own words.
"I wanted to share with you my reflections about my continual health journey that was initiated as a result of a mid-2019 bike accident. 
Why did I embark on this journey in the first place?  I want to live long and well so I can experience my grandchildren’s big adulthood moments like graduating college, marriage, and starting a family. I am now 62 and I figure I need to live into my 90’s in order to do this as my grandchildren are 4 1/2 and 4 months! I also want to take them on trips around the world. I am happily married to a wonderful guy who cares about his health and is fit and active.  I want to be able to do “active” things with him and enjoy our remaining years exploring the world and new experiences together. I also want to be able to serve my community well for as long as I can.  
Friedrich Nietzsche said: “If you know the why, you can live any how.” 
I know my why.
How has the Foundations Program at Regenerate Health changed my life? First, my diet changed considerably. Never before have any of my past health journeys “stuck”. I was the victim of every new idea/solution/fad. This only made me confused about which path was the right path. I decided to put my trust in Dr. ACE at Regenerate Medical Health Center,and it all began with a food detox to heal my gut and liver.
This was not an easy program for me, as my family can attest to. I had to give up every food I loved for a while. Each week something was taken away until all that was left was chicken, fish, and vegetables. I put almost everything back into my diet eventually, but there have been some permanent changes. For example, I drink only decaffeinated coffee and I don’t eat gluten except on rare occasions. I stay away from sugar and have found some great sugar alternatives so I feel I can have my cake and eat it too! I try to eat 2 servings of vegetables at every meal. 
The most important change with food is I love to cook now! I plan my menu around what is fresh and in season. And I only buy high quality food, including raw butter, wild-caught seafood, pasture raised chicken, and grass-fed beef. It may cost more, but how much is good health worth? 
Not that long ago, my mother-in-love was hospitalized and then sent to a skilled nursing facility to rehabilitate. It was emotionally taxing and I ate out a lot and ate desserts to self-medicate. But here’s the thing: I eventually saw what I was doing and determined to stop...and I did! In fact, I missed my healthy lifestyle and was disgusted by the food I was eating. I am learning to love my body and take good care of it. And I didn’t beat myself up about the slip up like I would have done in the past. I am learning to give myself the grace that I easily extend to others.
Next, we tackled my hormones. Boy were they whacked out! Hormone replacement therapy is somewhat controversial, but again, I put my trust in Dr. ACE, and I am glad I did. Without going into the intimate details, I can honestly say I feel like a young woman again. I recently learned that hormones play a huge role in a woman’s health. They can wreak havoc on our bodies, making it difficult to lose stubborn stomach fat and can affect heart health. This is an important piece in my goal to live long and well. And it’s ongoing as we are still tweaking things.
I then hired David Downey at OPEX Santa Barbara to be my Coach. I had been an OrangeTheory addict. It was a huge leap of faith to try something new. He and Dr. ACE convinced me that OrangeTheory workouts could be putting my body into stress and wreaking havoc with my hormones because they are so intense. I’ve been training with him now for three months, and I am feeling stronger and better every week, and my injured arm is making huge progress.  Dave pushes me in ways I never would on my own. Best of all, he pushes without putting my body into stress. He is a teacher at heart who passionately loves fitness and health. He enjoys teaching me how to train correctly so I won’t injure myself. He also sets up monthly video calls so we can set goals together, review progress, and discuss topics we don’t have the time for during our training sessions. He holds me accountable by sending me to the office for a body composition weigh-in. I am so proud of the fact that I am putting on muscle weight, evidence that I am getting stronger! 
I now have more energy than I have had in a long long long time. I no longer have trouble shutting down my brain at night and I go to sleep right away and sleep through the night with a potty break, but then I go back to sleep right away. My brain is clearer. I am moving more, but not pushing myself like I usually do, because I don’t want to disrupt my hormones. I just feel better overall and I love this new lifestyle. 
Medically, things are moving in the right direction too. My cholesterol has been steadily going down from a high of over 260. My glucose, a big concern because of Diabetes on both sides of my family, is in the normal range. My hormones are stabilizing, and I am confident my excess fat will fall off. I’m in no hurry. During the past six months I have been laying a foundation that will serve me well for the rest of my life. 
I am excited about the future. For now, I am planning to run a 5k weekly this summer at Santa Barbara’s Night Moves and Coach Dave is creating a plan to put me in shape to do it. 
I have struggled with putting so much focus on me. I am used to focusing on others and I am keenly aware that this health journey of mine may have been trying for my family.  I have to thank them for being patient with me throughout my transformation and hanging in there with me, supporting me. Onward ho!"
Onward, indeed D! 
Your health doesn't wait for you to be ready. The clock ticks regardless. Our job as Coaches isn't to "fix" you, our job is to teach you how to fix yourself.
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