Our Partners

We pride ourselves on having the highest quality referral partners.

It’s not enough just to have someone to send you to that is outside of our scope as Coaches. We want to ensure that when we send you to a referral partner, we know you’ll receive the highest quality care and service that we expect from those that interact with our clients. 

Regenerate Health Medical Center Logo

Regenerate Health Medical Center

Regenerate Health Medical Center (“RHMC”) is our preferred partner when dealing with everything from chronic fatigue, gut issues, hormonal imbalances, joint pain, etc. The founder and lead practitioner, Dr. Alexandra Carswell Engle (aka “Dr. ACE”) has developed a culture of medicine where they blend natural therapies with science based diagnostic testing to provide you a roadmap to achieve the health you’ve always wanted and deserve. Dr. ACE, her associates and staff will ensure that you receive the highest quality care and customer service. 

They have a multitude of programs, services and therapies that can aid you in whatever is ailing you, in a natural and safe way. Whether you’re looking to replenish your nutrient status after a long business trip or tough competition with a high quality Nutrient IV, get to the root cause of issues that have plaguing you for years or avoid unnecessary surgery with their non-invasive Regenerative Injection Therapies;  RHMC is our go to for all things health and recovery.

They offer a complimentary 15 minute Discovery Call, so that you can speak with a doctor and determine if they would be a good fit for what you’re looking for.

Don’t forget to mention that you were referred by OPEX Santa Barbara!