Eric Shiflett
OPEX Santa Barbara client

Eric Shiflett

What drew you to OPEX Santa Barbara? Why were we different? 

The level of attention and professionalism has been unparalleled from all of my past gym and fitness experiences. Having a coach who cares about their clients and focusses on learning their particular exercise patterns and levels has made a significant difference in my health, happiness, and strength.

How would you describe your experience with individualized program design and what it’s like to have your own coach?

My coach has been as much a life-coach as a fitness coach.  Being able to depend on him for information and support during struggles with motivation or life-events insures my success at the gym and with my regimen.  His impressive knowledge level helps me attain the best results at all times.

Why would you recommend OPEX Santa Barbara?

It’s an in-depth and unique way to make sure your health and fitness stay at the best level.


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