What is

“To inspire people to live larger lives through fitness.”

Coach. Client. Community.

OPEX Santa Barbara believes that you are unique; therefore, your training, nutrition and lifestyle program should be designed with that in mind.

As professional coaches, it is our mission to guide you towards the results that you want, not push you into a model of fitness that only works for the business.

You will have the full support of a professional coach on and off the floor, by developing a relationship over time through earning your trust, building your confidence and getting you the results you have always wanted!

Our approach to fitness

An OPEX Gym is the perfect combination of customized fitness for clients mixed with the fun and supportive environment of a community micro gym. Each client will work one to one with their coach who will customize their fitness experience.



1 on 1 Consultation

You will meet with your professional coach to discuss your goals and lifestyle demands. This consultation will allow your coach to design a training program that fits your needs in and out of the gym.


3 Part Assessment

Next, your coach will run you through a 3-part physical assessment: OPEX Body, Move, and Work - current body compostition analysis, movement patterns, and work capacity.


Personalized Fitness Program

Your coach will combine the goals identified in your consultation with the data from your physical assessment to design your personalized fitness program.

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